Spiritual Seeker, Spiritual Writer

If I could write effectively anonymously I would, but folks like a little background on a writer before they read. So emphasis on 'a little' background. Robert Riley is my pen name. My real name doesn’t matter. I’m one of ‘us’; the silent majority; one of the many who are quiet and busy keeping the lights on and the taps flowing; driving kids around and getting taxes paid on-time.
By day I'm a dad, husband, entrepreneur, corporate guy; but in the early hours of the morning, just before sunrise, my heart... my heart belongs to you. To anyone that wants to wake-up, to help, to restore this world, our times, us to a cohesive whole. I can't sing, I'm terrible at prayer and meditation. What I care most about, what I write about  and share is the beauty in us, in our shared striving, to grow, to become a little less raucous and a little more chill with each other and this world we are living in.